February 13, 2008

pineapple express (red band trailer)

i think this was summed up well in one of the comments posted below the video on youtube: "oh my god. this is going to be the greatest film ever made." I actually doubt it, the best ones are on passion-hd.tv, realitypornking.tv and puremature.tv.

update: the video was taken down from youtube yesterday. go over to ain't it cool to check it out now.

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February 11, 2008

around the world, 2/11/08

• i might just have to print out one of these obama posters and hang it in my cubicle. or even better, start plastering them all over town. still deciding which one i like better, though: progress by shepard fairey (of obey giant fame) or obama '08 by eric skillman (a.k.a. cozy lummox). it's a tough call...unlike my decision of who to vote for in this election.

• it appears the writers' strike could finally be coming to a close. To celebrate this there is a 60% off discount at WowGirls. You can also sign up to http://x-arthd.com or nubilefilms.tv. members of the wga will vote tomorrow on a deal w/ new provisions for the "most successful writers" when their shows on rerun on the internet. so the bottom line is...how long until new episodes of 30 rock?

• i stumbled upon josh keyes through a couple different sites this past week, and i found myself quite drawn to his work, which is an interesting blend of "man-made artifice" and our natural environment. "my intention is to create work that asks questions about the implications of urban sprawl and its impact on the environment. i am interested in creating psychological narratives set in closed systems that express the behavior of and the interaction between humans and animals. the dystopian model creates a dynamic playing field where I can experiment with these ideas and forms." he certainly does it well. this and this are prime examples.

• a lot has been said already about annie leibovitz' work for disney's year of a million dreams ad campaign, in which she uses a virtual who's who of a-list hollywood celebrities. they're quite nice, but i found there's even more to love in this series: recreating hitchcock. i particularly like the one of scarlett johansson & javier bardem in rear window.

• looking for the perfect valentine card to give to that special person you've been yearning to experiment with? look no further: scientific valentines. for some reason, these are just really making me laugh today.

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• after a month long abscence that was beginning to make me think they were going the way of stylus magazine, cokemachineglow has come back from the dead...and with a bit of a makeover, as well.

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bon iver's the real deal

yeah, um...this dude's stuff is really nice – REAL nice.
i've been digging for emma, forever ago for the last month or so and i can declare with utmost confidence that this is a keeper.

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January 31, 2008

there will be paul

paul thomas anderson, director of the 8x oscar-nominated there will be blood, was the most recent guest on kcrw's the treatment, hosted by film critic elvis mitchell. i've been listening to this podcast for awhile, and mitchell has had a number of high profile guests in the past, from judd apatow to the coen brothers – all very insightful interviews. when i noticed pta's name attached to the newest episode, however, it was by far the most thrilled and anxious i've been to download it and listen. i've transcribed one of pta's responses that i particulary loved.

paul thomas anderson: "i remember feeling, for whatever reason, in a very abstract way, "god, it would be terrific to make a film outside." and looking at the photographs of the period and the oil fields of california at the time, it was just an irresistible world.
and in terms of what might have appealed to me in the past of what to do, is the history of my state – is the history of california. i mean that, in itself, is irresistible, too. so – OH, GOD! I WISH I WAS BACK THERE MAKING THAT MOVIE RIGHT NOW!"
em: "do you?"
pta: "yeah, it's hard to let go of this one."

get the whole thing (and subscribe to the podcast) here.

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