I've been considering adding a section called "NOW ON TOUR" or something and I'd put posts up for any good tours I know about that are going on. I want to know if anyone else would be interested in this or would I be wasting my time? Because I'm thinking I'd have to throw a whole slew of new posts up at once (seperate post for each band that's on tour) so that I could get up to date. Then I'd just add more one at a time as I learned of them. Anyway, once I got it set up, I'd create a list in the sidebar to your right for quick and easy reference. It could become quite extensive, though. That's one of the main things I'm questioning b/c there are a lot of bands on tour at any given moment.
But I think I could do a decent job of getting a good number of em in chalk for you all to refer to when you're jonzin' for a good live show in your town. Just asking for some feedback before I undertake it so I don't spend time working on it for nothing.



Gorillaz-"Dirty Harry"
(where'd it go? you missed it! come back often so you don't miss out on future mp3s.)

I think I'm going to test something new out here - posting mp3's here for you to download. Maybe I can feature one or two per week here. Depending on how it affects my bandwith usage and everything, I'll decide if I want to keep continue to do it. I might have to take one down everytime I put a new one up or something. And I'm going to stay legal here and only post stuff that bands have already offered as free downloads on their own websites or sister sites or whatever. So let's see how this goes.

The first one I'm offering is what will probably be the first single off the Gorillaz' upcoming new album, Demon Days, which currently has no release date etched in stone but most likely will be coming in the next couple months. Anyway, it's pretty sweet. Sounds like more of the same good stuff that Damon Albarn & Dan the Automator offered up on their debut way back in 2001 (4 yrs. ago - yikes!). The kids' singing, the handclaps, and the 80s hip-hop breaks and reverberating synths all add up to a pretty darn fun song. This thing would absolutely rule on the club floor.



Aaron Ruell (the actor who played Napoleon Dynamite's brother, Kip) has written and directed a 15-minute short film entitled Everything's Gone Green. The Internet Movie Database has outlined the plot for us:
"A man, who has not left the building he works and lives in for 14 years, meets a receptionist eager to understand more about his mysterious life.
Hamish Linklater (pictured above) and Alexandra Holden, a pair of relative unknowns, are owners of the two lead roles. If you want to read more about it, a fellow named Peter Hanson has written up a review over at Film Threat.

Completely unrelated to this story (or possibly completely related to it), the lyrics to New Order's 1981 single "Everything's Gone Green":

Help me, somebody help me
I wonder where I am
I see my future before me
I'll hurt you when I can
It seems like I've been here before

Confusion sprung up from devotion
A halo that covers my eyes
It sprung from this first estrangement
No one have I ever despised
Is this the way that you wanted to pay
Won't you show me, please show me the way
Is this the way that you wanted to pay
Won't you show me, please show me the way

Lastly, the thing that got me headed down this Aaron Ruell rabbit hole...

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
(brought to you by Quizilla)

I obviously ended up as Kip Dynamite. I love technology, have an insane craving for nachos, and can live it up gangsta style. Peace out!



So here's the album cover for Beck's upcoming album, Guero, which is currently scheduled to be released on Mar. 29th.

I'm a little disappointed to be quite honest. Beck has had some great album covers in the past (i.e. the infamous mopdog hurdling across the front of Odelay). Even while Sea Change and Mutations were just pictures of Beck, they still looked great. I wasn't really into the cover for Midnite Vultures, but it had that retro electro look going for it which I'm assuming was hott at the moment. It certainly suited the album's songs.

This one...is just...weird. I guess it's cool. I don't know. I mean, I like the style of the illustration. It reminds me of the Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site CD art (same artist?), except that one actually pushed your imagination a bit.
Guero's art is just...weird. Sort of random. Nothing's going on really. It's not doing it for me.

What does everyone else think?



Just wanted to send out a collective 'thank you' to a few friends who have taken the time to put some CDs together for me and even followed through on it to the point of actually putting them in the mail so they'd end up on my doorstep. I'm always thrilled to get packages in the mail, especially when they're from someone I know and not just something I ordered online or whatever.
One common sentiment that has been expressed to me before is that my friends feel like they don't have anything to offer me in the way of new music because they think that I hear, like, everything that comes out. Well, that's just not exactly an accurate statement. Sure, I spend a lot of time listening to tunes at work and I'm actively seeking out new music constantly, but it would be impossible for me to hear EVERYTHING. So, by all means, if you've found something you're really getting into and enjoying, and you want to spread the love with others (like myself), don't hesitate to toss a copy in the mail or throw a mix together for me. I especially love mixes - who doesn't, though? The fact that a friend of mine has put their stamp of approval on it will no doubt give the thing some extra value for me while I'm giving it a listen.
So anyway, thanks for all the new stuff, guys! I'm still sifting through them as I've had a lot to go through lately, but I'm working on it. I'll report back to you what I think of them once I'm finished and given them a little time to sink in.



I got a business card...cause I wanna win some lunches.

So, stand-up comedian extraordinaire Mitch Hedberg is in the middle of a tour right now, and this time he's finally stopping in Detroit to do his 45 minutes - that's a sitcom AND A HALF, people - of comedy.
I am intrigued.
Price of admission is a little steep (roughly $35 with those lovely Ticketmaster service charges), but it may be one of those instances when I just say "screw it, I can't miss it". I mean, I could use a hearty laugh right about now. We all could, am I right?

There aren't many dates left, but look below and see if Mitch will be coming through and staying at a hotel in your city where there are two trees involved. How about Tree? No. Doubletree - HELL YEAH!
As you can see, the Detroit date is next Friday (Feb.11). Anybody else who's interested in going to that with us, let me know for sure if you want to go before this weekend is up, so when I order our tickets I know how many to get - so our seats can be together.

mitch only
2/3 st louis, mo (the pageant)
2/4 west des moines, ia (val air ballroom)
2/5 kansas city, mo (uptown theatre)

mitch & stephen lynch
2/10 kalamazoo, mi (kalamazoo state theatre)
2/11 detroit, mi (state theatre)
2/12 lakewood, oh (lakewood civic auditorium)



The choice music that's been floating through my iPod's headphones and into my ears this month:

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: self-titled (Capitol)

HOOD: Outside Closer (Domino)

IRON & WINE: Woman King (Sub Pop)

THE POSTAL SERVICE: We Will Become Silhouettes (Sub Pop)

M. WARD: Transistor Radio (Merge/Matador Europe)


BECK: Hell Yes (iTunes Music Store exclusive)

JOY ZIPPER: American Whip (Danger Bird)