You will all notice soon that some of the mp3s I've posted are going to start coming down off my server. I'm still trying to figure out what a good amount of time to leave them up is. Maybe just the last 10 songs I've posted? Is that good? I've been averaging about two per week, so 10 would be around a month. Anyone out there with their own mp3 blog: if you have any advice about this, like a safe measurement, I'd be open to hear what you think and your reasoning. Leave me a comment below.

My main reasons for making this change are threefold:
1) I don't want to run into issues with my site's hosting anytime down the line. MP3 files can take up a lot of space & bandwidth. I'm not close to hitting my limit at all right now or anything, but...
2) ...I also don't like the idea of leaving artist's music up here for long periods of time. If I have them up for a few weeks or a month, I think that's more than enough time for the music to hit a few ears and for the artist to get some free publicity.
3) Lastly, it'll make you guys keep coming back. You won't want to stay away too long or you may miss out on something good I have to share with you.

So, apologies to anyone who gets here from some google search or something only to find that I've taken down the song you were looking for. But I gotta draw the line at some point. All you have to do now is keep coming back on a regular basis and you won't miss out on any of the music that I can find time to post here. Thanks, everyone.

In the meantime, if you see something toward the bottom of the list, better get on it because it could be gone next time you're here.


6.29 cleveland OH - grog shop
6.30 chicago IL - empty bottle

7.1 detroit MI - magic stick
7.2 buffalo NY - soundlab
7.3 harrisburg PA - whitaker center for science
7.4 binghamton NY - club ranelles
7.5 wallingford CT - wallingford american legion
7.6 montreal QC - club soda
7.7 cambridge MA - middle east
7.8 philadelphia PA - first unitarian church
7.9 new york NY - bowery ballroom
7.10 ottawa ON - blues festival (black sheep stage)



Cass McCombs - "Sacred Heart"
(cntrl-click or right-click to download to your own computer...please)

I've seen this song posted on several other mp3 blogs in the past, and as much I hate to be repetitive, I just had to post it here because I love it so much. Cass McCombs does the Morrissey so so well, better than anyone maybe, especially when he sings that line that sounds like "foreign car, foreign car." Plus, I absolutely love the tones that he gets out of the guitars in this song - and the rest of the album, for that matter - and the way that they so smoothly transition from being raucous and unrelenting to something completely opposite...how shall I put this...peaceful and soothing, like driving over hills in the countryside.

It's cold and rainy here in Michigan right now and this is the perfect song for this sort of day. The funny thing is that about a week and a half ago, when PREfection was getting heavy rotation in my car's system, it was sunny and beautiful outside and this ethereal pop song was just as marvelous then, as well. This whole album is incredible: stunningly gorgeous pop melodies drenched in reverb and densely layered fuzz, and slowly pushed along by distant and thunderous rhythms. If you enjoy music that shares some or all of these traits I've just attributed to Cass' record, then do look into adding this one to your collection. You won't be sorry.


...and then STOLEN!

1 Casio calculator watch (as pictured above)
Color: Black
Size: One-size-fits-all
Features: 8 digits, dual time, 1/100 sec. stopwatch,
   alarm...too many more to name them all.

Last seen in the main fitness room at Troy Community Center (Troy, MI), on a Precor elliptical machine.
If you have any clues to this watch's whereabouts or any other information regarding this atrocity, please contact me. A reward is in order.
And one last word for whoever snatched it up. I hope you're enjoying my super cool watch, you big lug. And I also hope that it's waking you up at 5:30am everyday and you can't figure out how to reset it - GIMME BACK MY WATCH!!!


5.13 osaka JAPAN - club quattro (w/ stars, the dears & dfa1979)
5.14 toky JAPAN - liquid room (w/ stars, the dears & dfa1979)
5.27 barcelona SPAIN - primavera sound
5.31 valencia SPAIN - el loco

6.1 madrid SPAIN - moby dick
6.2 santona SPAIN - sala tropicana
6.3 bilbao SPAIN - kafe antzoki
6.5 brussels BELGIUM - orangerie at botanique
6.6 rotterdam HOLLAND - rotown
6.7 amsterdam HOLLAND - upstairs at paradiso
6.8 heidelberg GERMANY - karistorbahnof
6.9 dunlingen SWITZERLAND - bad bonn kilibi festival
6.10 tuttlingen GERMANY - southside festival
6.11 scheesel GERMANY - hurricane festival

7.9 ottawa ON - ottawa blues fest 
7.13 philadelphia PA - electric factory (w/ dinosaur jr)
7.14 new york NY - central park summerstage (w/ dinosaur jr)
7.16 chicago IL - grant park (intonation festival)



5.5 canberra ACT - anu bar (w/ casual projects)
5.6 sydney NSW - the annandale hotel (w/ kiosk & uncle ho)
5.7 sydney NSW - JB hi fi (instore)
5.20 los angeles CA - amoeba records
5.22 los angeles CA - club spaceland
5.23 pomona CA - the glasshouse
5.24 san francisco CA - hotel utah
5.25 san francisco CA - cafe du nord (w/ still flyin')
5.26 eugene OR - wow hall
5.27 portland OR - doug fir lounge (w/ still flyin' & andrew kaffer)
5.28 olympia WA - the clipper (w/ still flyin')
5.29 anacortes WA - department of safety (w/ still flyin')
5.30 seattle WA - chop suey (w/ still flyin' & argo)
5.31 vancouver BC -media club

6.3 st paul MN - turf club
6.4 chicago IL - schuba's tavern
6.5 grand rapids MI - uica theater (w/ dr.dog & head of femur)
6.6 detroit MI - magic stick
6.7 indianopolis IN - the patio
6.8 newport KY - southgate house
6.10 cleveland OH - agora ballroom
6.11 allston MA - great scott
6.12 new york NY - knitting factory (w/ dr.dog & head of femur)
6.13 brooklyn NY - northsix
6.14 philadelphia PA - first unitarian church
6.16 washington DC - dc9 (w/ dr.dog & head of femur)
6.17 carrboro NC - cat's cradle
6.20 houston TX - TBA
6.21 denton TX - hailey's
6.22 austin TX - emo's (inside)
6.24 tucson AZ - solar culture
6.25 phoenix AZ - modified
6.27 san diego CA - the casbah


If you've already seen this video clip, then I apologize for being so behind on things. I never know how old or new these videos are, as quick as they get around on the web and via mass e-mails. The link to this was posted by Zack Braff on his latest blog entry and then brought to my attention by my wife when I called her from the office today.

At first, it elicited a relatively notable chuckle from within. Then I watched it again and laughed aloud a little bit. Then I had to stop b/c I was beginning to draw attention from my co-workers. Naturally, I e-mailed it around to a few other people around the office, and each time I've watched it with one of them, I've laughed harder and harder. The last few times, watching it at home with Dana next to me, I've practically fallen off the chair doubling over in laughter. I got kinda sweaty and Dana gave me "the red light." I think she was beginning to worry she might have to do CPR on me.

Pay special attention to the cocky snort this *Homestar* gives the camera right before demonstrating his supreme agility and poise. Though it's not the funniest part of it all, it may be the key to why the rest of it is so flippin funny.


A list of my favorite films that I've seen so far this year and would recommend to others (most recently watched first)...






(The Place Promised In Our Early Days)








# (w/ basement jaxx)

5.4 bergen festival NORWAY - the garage
5.6 oxford UK - zodiac
5.8 birmingham UK - academy 2
5.9 edinburgh UK - liquid room
5.11 norwich UK - waterfront
5.12 london UK - electric ballroom
5.13 brussels BELGIUM - botanique festival
5.28 barcelona SPAIN - primavera festival

6.16 glasgow UK - barrowlands #
6.17 glasgow UK - barrowlands #
6.18 manchester UK - apollo #
6.19 leeds UK - leeds university #
6.21 portsmouth UK - guildhall #
6.22 birmingham UK - academy #
6.25 glastonbury UK - glastonbury festival (main stage)

7.3 roskilde festival DENMARK
7.5 quart festival NORWAY
7.13 toronto ON - lee's palace
7.15 chicago IL - double door
7.16 chicago IL - pitchfork's intonation festival
7.18 seattle WA - neumo's
7.20 san francisco CA - bimbo's 365 club
7.21 los angeles CA - troubadour
7.26 sydney AU - metro theatre
7.27 brisbane AU - the zoo
7.28 melbourne AU - the corner
7.29 melbourne AU - the corner
7.31 fujirock JAPAN



Adam Brody & Ben Gibbard on the set of The O.C.
(photo by DCFC guitarist Chris Walla)

Death Cab for Cutie - "A Movie Script Ending"
(cntrl-click or right-click to download to your own computer...please)

It appears as though Seth Cohen's biggest fanboy dream is going to come true. On this week's episode of The O.C. (Thursday, April 21st), the aspiring comic book artist's favorite band ever, Death Cab for Cutie, will stop by to play a three-song set at the Bait Shop. Barsuk Records (DCFC's label home) reports that the Cab, who have garnered more than their fair share of namedrops from the aforementioned indie-est O.C. character, will appear on the show to play two songs from Transatlanticism and one from The Photo Album. I think "Why You'd Want to Live Here", with all of it's hatred and biting lyrics pointed directly at the Los Angeles area, would be a nice choice for that tune off of The Photo Album. But why nitpick? Seeing them play the track above on primetime national TV would do just fine for me.
Check your local listings and tune in Thursday to see how Seth will muff his attempt to get Ben Gibbard to sign a set list for him. And maybe as a bonus, Ryan's brother, Trey, will do something shady and act innocent and victimized again.

p.s. - there's more mp3 goodness at Death Cab's official site


He's not me - I'll tell you that much. I'm Mike Jonze. Just thought I'd clear up any confusion that this gold-toothed dude has caused around these parts.
Idiot rapper. Trying to steal all my publicity. Don't be fooled, everyone!



More Beck news (this is slowly becoming a Beck fanpage, isn't it?)...

The man just continues to play secret gig after secret gig. This next one is tomorrow night (Apr.15) in New York at the Hiro Ballroom in the Maritime Hotel. The hotel is located at 363 West 16th Street. Trust me when I say it won't be much of a secret by tomorrow night. I'm sure there will be a queue of poeple running down the block and around the corner, hoping with all their hearts that they'll be able to get in.
Tickets for the show are $25 and go on sale TODAY at five o'clock (Eastern time). To purchase them, go here. That right there is the only way of getting tickets to it.
If, like me, you don't live in or close to New York or you won't be visiting it, you'll just have to settle for watching Beck perform a couple songs (most likely from Guero) on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live (New England Patriots' QB Tom Brady is hosting!).



Sam Prekop - "C+F"
(cntrl-click or right-click to download to your own computer...please)

I've been listening to the new Sam Prekop, Who's Your New Professor?, a LOT since it was released last month. But most of that has come in the last week, as I've been getting myself into something I like to call "Chicago-mode" (I know, really inventive).

You see, in 2 days, I'll be in Chicago for the weekend with my wife. Never been there before, so it should be a good time. I always enjoy exploring new cities and seeing new sights, people, and architecture (like that building pictured above that was on the cover of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot). We're staying at Hotel 71, which seems to be situated right in the middle of the downtown area, close to everything we'd want to check out. It's just a block off of Michigan Ave., close to all the museums and Magnificient Mile and basically everything we'd like to check out. I just want to have a good time, try to immerse myself in Chicago's culture as much as possible, and maybe even learn something about the city's history at the same time. A few things we're already sort of planning on doing - besides some shopping (I've been told there's an H&M in Chicago) - are going to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sears Tower, Navy Pier, & the Shedd Aquarium. We also might try to catch the Owen/Decibully show at Schuba's on Saturday night. Unfortunately, our stay this weekend is sandwiched right between two shows that I would have liked to see: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir on Thursday night at the Metro and Damien Jurado on Sunday night, also at Schuba's. Oh, well.

So, anyway, it seems like we have plenty to keep us busy for two and a half days. But if anyone else has any suggestions they feel like sharing with me before my trip, I'd love to hear them. A Cubs game? I don't know. I just don't want to come back from our trip and regret having NOT done something while we were there. I never found an In-n-Out Burger while in San Diego last year, and to this day I still get a little riled up when something reminds me of that place. So please leave comments below. I hear there's a Cheesecake Factory there, which is something we do not have here in the D. Might have to hit that, too.

In the meantime, I'll be listening to this Sam Prekop CD. You go buy it and then meet me in Chicago so you can thank me.



** (w/ British Sea Power)

4.2 winnipeg MB - junos awards ceremony
4.2 winnipeg MB - west end cultural center
4.3 winnipeg MB - junos awards ceremony
4.5 stanser SWITZERLAND - stanser musiktage
4.6 brussels BELGIUM - AB box
4.8 gottenberg SWEDEN - city sound @ pusterviks teatern
4.9 malmo SWEDEN - inkonst
4.10 stockholm SWEDEN - sodra teatern
4.11 oslo NORWAY - john dee
4.12 paris FRANCE - olympia (w/ sacre du tympan)
4.13 aarhus DENMARK - voxhall
4.14 copenhagen DENMARK - vega
4.16 scorndorf GERMANY - manufaktur
4.17 frankfurt GERMANY - batschkapp
4.18 dresden GERMANY - scheune
4.19 berlin GERMANY - columbiaclub
4.21 vienna AUSTRIA - szene wien
4.22 treviso ITALY - new age
4.23 rimini ITALY - velvet
4.24 rome ITALY - circolo degli artisti
4.26 milan ITALY - rainbow
4.28 san sebastien SPAIN - gastescena
4.29 madrid SPAIN - moby dick
4.30 barcelona SPAIN - razzmatazz 3

5.3 san diego CA - casbah **
5.6 denton TX - hailey's **
5.7 austin TX - emo's **
5.8 houston TX - mary jane's fat cat **
5.10 atlanta GA - the earl **
5.11 carrboro NC - cats cradle **
5.12 washington DC - black cat **
5.13 philadelphia PA - first unitarian church **
5.14 new york NY - bowery ballroom **
5.15 new york NY - bowery ballroom **
5.16 cambridge MA - middle east **
5.18 cleveland OH - grog shop **
5.19 chicago IL - logan square auditorium **

6.10 neuhausen GERMANY - southside festival
6.11 scheessel GERMANY - hurricane festival
6.30 montreal PQ - montreal jazz fest

7.1 toronto ON - harbourfront
7.3 belfort FRANCE - festival les eurocknes TBC
7.7 montreux SWITZERLAND - festival de montreux TBC
7.17 la rochelle FRANCE - les francofolies
7.21 boulogne sur mer FRANCE - festival de la cd'opale
7.22 nice FRANCE - nice jazz festival



Calla - "It Dawned On Me"
(cntrl-click or right-click to download to your own computer...please)

The very beginning of this song fools me at first. I pause to check my iPod. No, this isn't U2. It's Calla. That's what I thought. Weird. But just before Aurelio Valle's vocals come in, that Edge-sounding guitar line that makes up the intro drops out and the song morphs into something that sounds more like a Starflyer 59 tune. Check the iPod, again. Hmm. Still Calla. Valle sings, "As far as I know/ Let it go/ 'Cause it's never quite what it seems." Might as well take his advice and just enjoy it. It's pretty cool, regardless of who it is. Hold down center button. Add to On-The-Go playlist.

The release date for Calla's new record, Collisions, has not yet been determined. It cannot be that far off, though, since recording & production are all wrapped up.



Who else is totally enjoying the new diamond disc from Beck Hansen? If you said, "Not me", well...you're just not my friend anymore. Though some have criticized Guero as not being innovative enough, I find it to be an extremely enjoyable and refreshing record, one that touches on all of the positives of each and every one of his previous classic works. It's sort of a Greatest Hits record, except that all of the songs are new and none have actually been hits...yet.

Beck's boyish face is currently spread across the cover of the newest issue of Anthem Magazine, as it should be - and probably is on several other magazines, as well. However, IMHO, Anthem is one of the premiere mags available on the shelves of your local Borders (or Barnes & Noble). My firm stance on that, paired up with the fact that Beck himself claims to be a "big fan" of Anthem, is why I'm not talking about Spin or Rolling Stone in this post (except for right there). I'm telling you about Anthem. This month's issue is chock full o' quality material. Specifically, I'm demanding that you take a peek at the music section, which include interviews or profiles of the following artists and groups: Beck (obviously), Iron & Wine, Out Hud, Prefuse 73, LCD Soundsystem, The Mars Volta & Mike Patton.
There's also a feature on French illustrator Alexandra Compain-Tissier, who I've never heard of before, but I really liked the look of her stuff, judging from this piece and the other cover image for this issue.
You can view highlights and selected photos from these stories on the magazine's website, but if you want it all you've got to get down to the bookstore and drop a few bucks on it. And I'd recommend you do that...now.


Feist - "One Evening"
(cntrl-click or right-click to download to your own computer...please)

I've long sung the praises of Leslie Feist here at this site. Strange that it's taken practically a year since Let It Die came out for it to start to building up steam now. It's been sitting there, happily waiting in the wings, poised for the kill. I've only just begun to hear people rave about this gorgeous album on other mp3 & music blogs. It really does baffle me that it's taken this long.
In terms of the last year or so, Let It Die may very well be the record that's gotten the most play in our household. It's one of those albums that is so good from beginning to end that each time you give it a spin, a new song on it becomes your favorite. And every song on there has it's turn in that spot, at one point or another...and then again later. That's one of the true marks of a superb album. And, in fact, this svelt tune was the one to capture my attention the most the last time it was played.

At the end of 2004 I posted this list of my favorite albums of the year. In retrospect, Feist probably deserved to be higher in my rankings. I don't know what I was thinking at the time I put the list together. Her album might've even been worthy of the top spot. Actually, yeah, it is. There. I said it. I've officially revised my original list. Feist was #1 in 2004. Wonder if I can count it in 2005, too...

Anyway, as of this posting, "One Evening" is being offered as a free download at the iTunes Music Store. Get it there (for a limited time), if you prefer it that way.



** (no M.I.A.)

4.2 new york NY - bowery ballroom (w/ mahi-mahi) **

5.10 vancouver BC - commodore ballroom
5.11 seattle WA - showbox
5.14 san francisco CA - fillmore
5.15 los angeles CA - el rey
5.19 chicago IL - metro
5.20 detroit MI - st. andrew's hall
5.21 toronto ON - opera house
5.22 montreal QC - le tulipe

6.9 boston MA - avalon
6.10 new york NY - webster hall
6.11 philadelphia PA - transit
6.12 washington DC - 9:30 club



Montag - "Perfect Vision [ft. Amy Millan]"
(cntrl-click or right-click to download to your own computer...please)

I admit it. That little parenthetical note following the song title there is what honestly drew me to this song and consequently is responsible for introducing me to this bright new(ish) artist. For those who don't know her by name, Amy Millan is one half of Stars' two vocalists and the one responsible for all those sweet, syrupy melodies. That group's newest album, Set Yourself on Fire, was *finally* released in the US a couple weeks ago, although I've been listening to it since last October. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Montag, not Stars. It is his handiwork that I'm presenting here, after all.
All I knew about Montag (Antoine Bédard) prior to my decision to post this song was that he also hails from Canadia (doesn't every good musical act, these days?). After doing a little reading up on the man, though, I've discovered several other things about him that pique my interest. For one, he's shared the stage with several bands I swoon over; besides Stars, he has also played alongside such great bands as Lali Puna, Hood, and Broadcast. He also collaborated with French duo M83, lending his hand to many of the string arrangements found on their stellar 2003 debut album, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts.
His artist bio page states, "As a kind of orchestra-man, Montag offers short compositions with a micro-symphonic feel and a fundamentally emotional dimension...Antoine's passion for vintage atmospheres and naive melodies find a balanced mix with the album's electronic elements." That just about sums up his sound for you.
If you like this song as much as I do, I think you ought to pick up the record this came from, Alone, Not Alone. Although 'Perfect Vision' is probably the poppiest moment on the disc, there are still a few more to be found within. The rest of the songs are more of the same mixture of slightly glitchy electronic pop, pretty melodies, and sweeping sampled orchestrations (courtesy of the Conservatoire de Montréal). The entire album was written. composed, chopped up and reconstructed by Bédard himself, but it features several guest performances (a few from the bands I previously listed above). Hence, the title of the album.



Mitch Hedberg (February 24, 1968 - March 30, 2005)

I'm ashamed to say that when I first heard it I thought it was an April Fool's joke. I still want to that to be true. But I'm seeing reports about it in a lot of places (USA Today, Comedy Central, Wikipedia, etc). This is a tragedy. Mitch was a true, up-and-coming legend-to-be in comedy. He was actually already a comedic legend in my book. I know he made me laugh harder than any other comedian ever has. I don't think there will ever be anyone like him again. He was not your ordinary standup comedian. He was such a unique dude. Seeing him do his bit in Detroit a couple months ago suddenly means a lot more to me now...


Mobius Band - "Starts Off With A Bang"
(where'd it go? you missed it! come back often so you don't miss out on future mp3s.)

This song just causes this nice warm feeling to pour over me, puts me in a good mood and gets me excited about the weekend.
My first introduction to Mobius Band was at a show I attended last October. They held the opening slot for Do Make Say Think at Detroit's Magic Stick. Though the crowd still hadn't yet developed to its maximum size by the time their set had to get started, they wailed on guitars, pounded kits, tickled ivories and twiddled knobs well enough to leave a lasting and positive impression on me.
I also remember spotting Ben Mullins from Midwest Product in the crowd. It looked like he was enjoying the show, as well. I don't know if he was already a fan or if he was sent there as a scout for the on-the-rise Ann Arbor, MI electro-rock label, Ghostly International. Whatever the case, Ghostly decided to pick these talented Mass-holes up and release City vs. Country, Mobius Band's third E.P. Their first two were released on the band's own label.

Listen to me. Keep an eye on these guys. A yet-to-be-titled full-length is looming just over the horizon, set for release sometime this summer, probably August.


4/5 BRITISH SEA POWER: Open Season (Rough Trade)

4/5 DAMIEN JURADO: On My Way to Abscence (Secretly Canadian)

4/5 MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.: What Comes After The Blues (Secretly Canadian)

4/5 THE BOOKS: Lost and Safe (Tomlab)

4/5 MUSIC FROM THE O.C.: Mix 4 (Warner Bros.)

4/5 HOT HOT HEAT: Elevator (Sire/Wea)

4/5 FISCHERSPOONER: Odyssey (Capitol)

4/12 STARFLYER 59: Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice (Tooth & Nail)

4/12 ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI: In Case We Die (Bar/None)

4/12 THE LUCKSMITHS: Warmer Corners (Candle/Matinee)

4/12 OF MONTREAL: The Sunlandic Twins (Polyvinyl)

4/19 CARIBOU: Milk of Human Kindness (Domino)

4/26 NEW ORDER: Waiting for the Siren's Call (Warner Bros.)

4/26 BEN FOLDS: Songs for Silverman (Sony)


** (w/ Crystal Skulls)

5.15 atlanta GA - drunken unicorn (w/ starflyer 59)
5.16 carrboro NC - cat's cradle
5.17 washington DC - black cat (w/ mice parade)
5.18 brooklyn NY - north six **
5.19 cambridge MA - t.t. the bear's **
5.20 philadelphia PA - first unitarian church **
5.21 cleveland OH - grog shop **
5.22 chicago IL - schuba's **
5.23 minneapolis MN - 7th street entry **
5.26 bellingham WA - viking union/WWU **
5.30 san francisco CA - slim's **
5.31 los angeles CA - troubadour **

6.1 pomona CA - glass house **
6.2 san diego CA - the casbah **
6.3 tempe AZ - the clubhouse **
6.5 austin TX - the parish **
6.6 denton TX - dan's silverleaf **
6.8 denver CO - rock island **
6.9 salt lake city UT - velvet room **
6.10 boise ID - neurolux **
6.11 portland OR - doug fir lounge **
6.12 seattle WA - neumo's **